Supporting Marginalised Communities

Bridging Sustainability and Compassion

We stand at the crossroads where sustainability meets compassion, with a single, unwavering purpose – To encourage sustainable living and support marginalised communities.

Physical or social constraints can vastly limit employment opportunities. To accommodate the diverse challenges that individuals can face, we provide flexible work arrangements for our team while ensuring equitable wages.

Being mindful of the fashion industry's troubled past, we intentionally cultivate meaningful relationships forged upon mutual respect and collaboration.

By collaborating with artisans from diverse backgrounds, we break down barriers and work towards co-creating an ideal world that sees everyone as equals, embodying the values of community, transparency, quality, sustainability and compassion.

Our Seamstresses


Being deaf, Mardiana found it difficult to secure a job in Singapore despite being an experienced seamstress. 

Being a part of Re-store helped Mardiana reignite her skills for sewing and allowed her to earn supplemental income and contribute to supporting her family, bringing her a new sense of accomplishment.

“ I feel happy and good that I am able to be back in the sewing field after such a long time and enjoy the friendly environment and people in Re-store. ”

See Mui

Like many of her family members who had experience in sewing, See Mui expressed interest in sewing through Re-store’s connection with The Singapore Association For The Deaf. 

Being a part of Re-store helped See Mui learn more about sewing and provided her the opportunity to get to know and work with other women, a few who are similarly deaf like her.

" Working in Re-store is like a family and I like the warm and friendly environment. "

As of 2023, we have provided work opportunities to 18 skilled individuals

Our current team comprise 11 individuals with a mix of full time and part time

Our Collaboration Process

Reaching Out

We reach out to third parties, such as social workers and community centres, to look for suitable individuals.


Once connected with potential candidates, we assess their prerequisite skills and determine program suitability.


Assigned jobs considered technical skills and personal circumstances, in addition to accommodating specific needs like being homebound and adjusting schedules for familial commitments.