The Process Of Restoring

How we create ethical and sustainable textile products made for the everyday


Alongside donations, we collect unwanted textiles and fabrics from retiring manufacturers, clothing factories and local brands.


Our commitment to 80% upcycled materials drives continuous reinvention and improvisation as we work on our available stock of high-quality materials. 


Months of marketing research and product testing help yield unique designs. Balancing aesthetics, functionality, and longevity in a meticulous process.

Our Vision

At Re-store, we envision a world where every choice we make reflects our commitment to a sustainable future and a compassionate society. We are committed to a circular economy, emphasising our core values of Sustainability, Compassion, Transparency, Community and Quality. 

Our brand aspires to be a movement that inspires conscious living and empowerment. We stand at the crossroads where sustainability meets compassion, with a single, unwavering
purpose – To encourage sustainable living and support marginalised communities.

Collaborate with us

As we expand, our dedication to environmental and social responsibility will grow. We welcome all with suggestions or collaborative ideas to reach out as we continually strive to enhance our practices.