Corporate Partnerships

Customised Gifts and Workshop Experiences

Why work with us?

At Re-store, we're on a mission to redefine crafting. Our corporate gifts are not just about making beautiful items; they are a purposeful journey towards sustainability and compassion.

Meaningful Gifting

Choosing upcycled gifts showcases a commitment to environmental stewardship and conveys a message of resourcefulness and innovation. Partnering with us supports a circular economy and provides work opportunities for marginalized women.

Tailored For You

From old uniforms to unwanted curtains, work with us to transform textile waste into meaningful, eco-conscious gifts. Creating these bespoke items showcases a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, fostering a positive corporate image.

Our Partners and Clients

How It Works

1. Concept

We work with you to create a unique concept for your business and decide what upcycled pieces will help achieve our mutual goals.

2. Design

We design or co-design the pieces with you and provide a prototyping process before we begin sourcing and production.

3. Launch

We support you through the launch of the project and utilise our community of upcycled fashion thought leaders to increase awareness.

Contact us

If your business could benefit from an upcycling partnership, get in touch with us via this form:

Partnership FAQs

What businesses does Re-store work with?

Any and every business looking to create one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces, either for sales or as part of wider CSR initiatives. We're happy to discuss any project so please get in touch using the contact us form for a no obligation chat.

Do I need design experience to work with Re-store?

Absolutely not, but if you do and want to be part of the design process, of course we'd love you to be involved! If you're looking for a low-touch project or a corporate gifting idea, we're more than happy to take the lead on all design and production work!

Can I use my own fabric stock for a Re-store project?

Of course, and we highly recommend you do! We can help you reduce your dead stock in a meaningful and goal-focused way. Using your own fabric is also a great way to give a personal feel to the collaboration.

Do I need my own fabric stock for a Re-store project?

While we recommend you do use your own fabric stock, we can source other materials for the project too - so don't let this hold you back!

Do I have to be a Singapore business to work with Re-store?

Not at all! We're very happy to discuss collaborations from around the world. We ship internationally too, so getting the items to you or your customers isn't a problem.